FO: Penguono!

A few weeks ago I weaved in the last of many ends on this beauty and since then it’s been worn almost every day of the week! I am in complete and total love over how this knit turns out.

I am slightly ashamed that it took me so long to decided to cast it on! It used to look like an intimidating piece but turned out to be simplistic yet genius in its design and construction. I made one change in that the bottom band I did more than the recommended rows and used a whole skein (the only one I actually purchased for this project) as I wanted the sweater to be a bit longer for my tall frame.

I got around to taking a few photos this morning and they honestly don’t do it justice! There is something about Black that doesn’t photograph so well- at least for an amateur photographer like myself & my old iPhone. I am already looking forward to casting on my next sweater! I wonder what it could be…..




P.S- I highly recommend blocking- the difference was HUGE- and overall grew about 4″. I didn’t check my final measurements against what was stated in the pattern but it was a game changer for relaxing all of the garter stitch sections…


cast off, cast on.

There is something absolutely satisfying about weaving in those final ends, then to only pick up a new skein, new set of needles and cast on something brand new.  I know I am by far not the first to say this, and I know many knitters would agree.  However, there is no avoiding that phrase every single time it occurs.

Yesterday was no different…  Last night was not a night I wanted to be knitting fine gauge and impulsively decided to cast on that next DK weight project.  I have a unique (well what I think is unique) problem where im hoarding patterns; while my yarn stash has been satisfyingly cleaned out over the last few months.  And last night the stars aligned between my yarn stash and my overly large pattern collection. Welcome Ural Shawl!  The pattern is by Whitney Hayward and is stunning in its simplicity.  While the sample was knitted in natural colors, I have opted to go for a slightly brighter, warmer palette with a grey as my base and accented with muted maroons and pinks.  I am already into the first slipped stitch pattern and I am finding it a quick knit which is exactly what i needed right now.  See below for a quick my yarn details….

Pattern:Ural Shawl by Whitney Hayward

Yarn:Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool from 2016; Odd Offs from Purl Soho (they were skeins/ colors that I believe didn’t go into final production…); OWool Local in color…

Be sure to check back soon for my write-up on the finished object and follow insta (@rubyandanainstitches) to see progress photos….



WIP: a little mini knitting


I am finally continuing on my baby test knit! I was able to head out with the little one over our long Easter weekend to get the proper needles that I have needed for weeks now. As tiny as these stitches are it is surprisingly refreshing to the DK weight yarns I’ve been knitting the last few weeks. So for the last week I’ve been happily knitting my two at a time sleeves hoping to complete them quickly and what do I discover?…. I have a shading issue!! This is surprising to me because 1) it’s one skein; I’m pulling from the center and the outside edge… and 2) this has been tucked away in a basket for some time and not really exposed to daylight so I never expected to have a color issues…

Regardless I am going to continue. As excited and happy as I am to be testing this pattern it’s been hanging around too long and I would like to move onto something new. And to be honest- I may only notice this color issue as I am responsible for color approvals at my full time job which makes me a little sensitive when it comes to color differences (don’t get me started on why wearing all black is now difficult for me!). And really- is my little one going to notice?- no, she won’t…

Happy Friday all….

I’ll be back soon with a write up on my now FO….Penguono!




It’s been a while; and I’m late! It’s Saturday night right now and we have had a family full day of brunch and a zoo trip, laughs and non stop running around (baby girl seriously tried to introduce herself to every other kid at the zoo today…🤦🏼‍♀️). In other words… it was a perfectly exhausting day.

In my knitting world I have some very exciting news…. PENGUONO IS FINISHED! I love it, it’s beautiful and strangely I already want to make another even though I have a million other items I also want to make….

Now not a lot of photos as of yet but hope to get a few more to share soon. For now enjoy…

Now some house keeping…. life has picked up for us recently and I’m finding that even though I have time to knit I can’t get that little extra time to do a weekly roundup of my knitting progress…. so I will be moving to MONTHLY roundups. This will allow me the chance to give you a well rounded, well written roundup and then allow for little mini posts throughout the weeks between.

So this weeks post is just for “show”… hoping to give a more proper individual posting for my finished Penguono!



A Birthday Wish

To My Sweet Baby Girl on her first Birthday….

It is so so cliche for me to say this but you have forever changed our lives the moment you arrived.  Turned life as we know it on its head and I can’t fully remember what it was like before YOU.

Since then you have amazed us.  Pushed the limits of what I thought it was possible as each month went by.  Sitting up, crawling, those first steps… I cant even begin to imagine what you will impress us with next.

Since then you have shown your personality.  Feisty, free spirited, STRONG.  You are everything a little girl should be and MORE.  You command attention, you are funny and witty.  You are fearless.  You are independent.  I wish you to be all these things always.

I hope in this new year, and every year after, you are still all these things and can always remain true to who you are and who you want to be.

Thank you for making me stronger, vulnerable, and a fiercely protective and more confident woman and mommy. As you get older I hope I can teach you how to be the same as it is SO important.

As it has been from day one, I will always hold you.. hug you, kiss you, snuggle with you for as long as you want whenever you want.  I will listen, I will cry with you, I will laugh with you and I will ALWAYS be there for you.  And if there comes a day you don’t want the hug, the kiss, the snuggles, I will STILL be there for all those when you realize that at some point you will still need your mommy for all these things.

So Happy 1st Birthday my dear sweet Emmy.  Mommy loves you from the bottom of her heart for now and always.



a little non-knitting.

Pinterest is a wonderful but very dangerous resource. It can become a dangerous rabbit hole of beautiful ideas which have the potential to be amazing creations or epic failures. I’ve known that fact but rediscovered it when I began to research party ideas for my daughters 1st birthday.

One little detail I didn’t plan on was an idea finding me. In all of the cake smash, unicorn and balloons I found I discovered the beauty of a baby in a FLOWER CROWN. And oh my the beauty of those little crowns….. and all I could think of was my little one with her big baby blue eyes with a little halo of flowers…

So I became determined to make a flower crown. And I was worried, very worried as I have never worked with floral tape and flowers (real or faux; and I’m using faux). This had the opportunity to turn into a very bad Pinterest fail…. BUT IT DIDN’T.

It’s adorable. I’m so proud of it. Now, to get her to wear it….


The first few times I have done these weekly roundups I have been adamant about writing THROUGHOUT the week and doing a final check before publishing.  This week however has been messy.  My full time job has kept me on my toes as we are heading into crunch-time; and though with my little family I have been given set working hours the days leave me with so much stress I am completely mentally drained when I leave and don’t want to think about writing.  And after there is baby to put to bed and the constant of keeping up with anything home related.  Top it off that for the last week and a half I have been prepping for her first birthday party.   This momma is EXHAUSTED!  All that being said I have squeezed (literally) as much knitting as possible into this crazy schedule of mine because DEADLINES!  So here I am, less than a day before posting, writing up a nice long and lengthy weekly roundup!  Here we goooo!!

I am happy to announce that I have finished the Popcorn Vest and Bonnet; and at just under a week before I need to have baby girl unwrap for her birthday!  Let me just say I am so crazy happy with the results… honestly my best knitted set yet.  Considering how many times I have actually knit this pair, I have made minor revisions each time which have either made the knitting more seamless, literally and figuratively.

This time around instead of BO then sewing together the shoulder seams, then later picking up the back neck for the rib trim; I chose to keep the stitches live.  This way I was able to kitchener the shoulders then easily use the live back neck stitches to seamlessly join with the rib trim.  For some this may seem like a little more work and maybe it was; however one thing I am still mastering as a knitter is picking up stitches, and picking them up evenly and beautifully.  This change allowed me to up the quality of the vest itself; no more worrying if I picked up enough stitches evenly or consistently- they were already live for my working!

I also slipped all edge stitches, giving me nice clean edges to work with at the front edge and armholes.  While I may not have picked up as many stitches as the pattern states, I know that what I did pick up and cast on will be sufficient enough for my daughter to wear.

Pattern:Popcorn Vest & Bonnet by Studio Misha & Puff

Yarn:Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool (Romney, Icelandic, Finn, Texel mix) from 2015 knit with Alchemy Yarns of Transformation Haiku in Fieldstone + rib trim in Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool from 2016 ***

Last weekend I allowed myself the luxury of finishing up the underarms on my Penguono and ohhh I have a knitted thing that looks like a sweater!  It is so exciting!  I still have the neck and bottom bands to do which I keep changing my mind on what yarn I would like to use…I have been determined to not buy any yarns to complete this but am contemplating getting a single skein of Purl Soho Flax Down. This is the yarn I chose to use for the main back panel and something tells me it would be nice to have it repeat but I think I will still try to use what I have.

Project/ Designer:Penguono by Steven West

Yarn:  Purl Soho Flax Down in Kettle Black + The Fibre Co Cumbria Fingering in Scafell Pike & Dodd Wood + Lake yarns Alturas in Shell Seeker + OWool Local in Gray Birch + Skeinny Dipping Fingering and Skeinny Dipping DK in Cease and Desist + Baa Ram Ewe Titus in Coal

Until next time….



So this week I have been focused very closely on making sure I finish my baby girls popcorn vest and bonnet in time for her birthday.  That is fast approaching so I don’t have the luxury of taking my time!  It was a bit of a last-minute decision as I am starting these pieces with a little over 3 weeks before her birthday…. yikes!  To see my initial post on these pieces take a look at A little detour….  Progress is going well and the vest (minus ribbing) will be done by the time this post is up.  The bonnet is a very quick knit and I should have it done in under a week.  The ribbing for the vest (and the little bit on the bonnet) won’t take long either but picking up the appropriate amount of stitches is the bit that takes the longest and is the most frustrating part of the process for me.

Pattern:Popcorn Vest & Bonnet by Studio Misha & Puff

Yarn:Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool (Romney, Icelandic, Finn, Texel mix) from 2015 knit with Alchemy Yarns of Transformation Haiku in Fieldstone + rib trim in Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool from 2016 ***

When I am not working on my popcorn pieces (baby girl is SMART so I work on something else when shes awake and around) I’ve continued progress on my Penguono.  I am now complete with BOTH sleeves and need to finish up  the underarms, collar and bottom band.  Somewhere in the back of my mind the hope is to also have this finished in time for baby girls birthday (or at least her party) for me to wear.  That however is wishful thinking but I will still try!

Project/ Designer:Penguono by Steven West

Yarn:  Purl Soho Flax Down in Kettle Black + The Fibre Co Cumbria Fingering in Scafell Pike & Dodd Wood + Lake yarns Alturas in Shell Seeker + OWool Local in Gray Birch + Skeinny Dipping Fingering and Skeinny Dipping DK in Cease and Desist + Baa Ram Ewe Titus in Coal

Beyond these two knits I am anxious to get back to work on my two other projects, the Masala Shawl and baby test knit.  But one stitch as a time…..



A little detour.

Once again I’ve put some of my current WIPS aside so I can quickly make up a last-minute birthday gift for my little one. I’ve decided to knit her up another Studio Misha & Puff Popcorn Vest and Bonnet.  If you have never heard of either of these patterns, LOOK THEM UP.  seriously.  They are so much fun for a babe!  In fact this is not the first time I have made these patterns but the 4th!

The first set I made was for baby girl before she was born, the next as a thank you gift to a lovely woman for her daughter who offered up her own creative services; and the third was fulfilling a special request of a coworker (who was a little envious of her sister; see thank you gift above!) and wanted her own set for her little girl….

So far I’m loving the combo I’ve WIP’d (see what I did there…) up and cannot wait to finish!  Only 15 days left!  Eek!

Pattern: Popcorn Vest & Bonnet by Studio Misha & Puff

Yarn: Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool (Romney, Icelandic, Finn, Texel mix) from 2015 knit with Alchemy Yarns of Transformation Haiku in Fieldstone + rib trim in Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool from 2016 ***



***I discovered these yarns at Rhinebeck a few years ago and am in LOVE with their yarns.  My haul from this past year (2017) is destined for a shawl that i still need to buy the pattern for…they also have amazing soaps, check them out, seriously; they’re pretty awesome.


It has been a little bit since I’ve last written!  In the last two weeks I have had stitches flying off my needles then grounded to a halt when I contracted the flu.  Thankfully it was a mild case (get that flu shot then take care of yourself!) and once I was feeling up to it used my self imposed quarantine to do some serious knitting and guilty pleasure show binge watching.  Unfortunately I have gotten sucked into that inevitable knitters problem where you have cast on a new exciting project and everything else just gets thrown to the side… oops.  Most of my knitting time over the last two weeks was spent on my Penguono as it became really clear that it was a fast- and I mean FAST- knit.  The welts were complete over a weekend (and then some) while Sunday afternoon and evening were spent completing the left back panel & color scheming. The beginning of last week saw the completion of the right welts THEN a re-visit to the left back panel as I began to question the yarn choices…which lead to me redoing the left back!  Its a section that doesn’t take too long so not much time was lost.  My sick time allowed me to finish out the side panels along with the entire right side.

Unfortunately, I suffered from an infection only a few days following my flu recovering and was knocked on my a** AGAIN for a whirlwind of a miserable day.  I got absolutely no knitting done but once I was placed on the necessary meds to recover I used the weekend after to relax and do a little knitting with baby girl.  This time allowed me to finish up the front panels and now I am down to one sleeve, underarms, collar and bottom band!

Project/ Designer:Penguono by Steven West

Yarn:  Purl Soho Flax Down in Kettle Black + The Fibre Co Cumbria Fingering in Scafell Pike & Dodd Wood + Lake yarns Alturas in Shell Seeker + OWool Local in Gray Birch + Skeinny Dipping Fingering and Skeinny Dipping DK in Cease and Desist + Baa Ram Ewe Titus in Coal + various remnants (details to be added later as I get to them…)

My test knit is still on hold (sorry baby sweater) as I still need to buy another set of needles….

The Masala shawl got all of 1-2 rows done… only 17 rounds left to go!

I have a feeling it wont take me too long before this sweater is actually finished!

Until next week…