Thoughts on New Years Resolutions.

Happy New Year! While many pronounce their resolutions on the last day of the old year or the first day of new; I decided to sit on my ideas for a bit. Typically I do not make resolutions and when I do my tendencies are to keep them broad. This isn’t because I don’t think I’ll keep them but more because I want to be realistic. For example you won’t find me saying that I want to start and stick with a weekly gym routine for weight loss… instead I’ll say I want to work on being healthier; more mindful eating, work out when I know I’ll have the time because it’ll feel good- not because I resolved to HAVE to.

This year though I have some goals I want to try and push myself to achieve because I haven’t been feeling my best in some aspects of my life. Making them public is a little scary but I feel it will make me more mindful of actually achieving these goals. So here we go, my resolutions for 2018!

For Myself

-Be more mindful; of myself and my feelings and what I need to do when everything around me is too much. Which brings me to…

-More fitness! Since having our daughter it has been much more difficult to squeeze in a little yoga or a run on my own. Both of these things help ground me so much and release a tremendous amount of stress… even once a week I need to give this time to me so I can be more present for hubby and our little one.

For My Work

-grow my Etsy business. Right now I have very few listings and I feel they are a little rough around the edges…. so I want to clean them up with more specific info where needs and better photos.. I believe so much in my work right now and want to share it with the world! This would also mean working on my knitting…

– FINISH MORE PATTERN WRITING! Would you believe I have several patterns started but they still need finishing touches?- smh, enough of this half finished procrastination!- finish up some existing WIP’s. Now this one is a bit trickier as I have some big projects on my needles (2 bigs ones, one fine gauge sock project and one what seems like never ending twisted rib). If I could finish two before the end of the year I would consider this a completed resolution- and at the very least I need to make progress on all 4 projects. Something is better than nothing right?!And finally, blog a tiny bit more! This is by no means a source of income and is more therapeutic but it would be nice to give myself a little consistency…For My FamilyThe resolutions I have with my family are ones that I will not share; mainly to maintain our privacy but like in other aspects of my life I want to strive to strengthen and maintain those relationships that matter most.To those lovely souls who take their time to read my thoughts, THANK YOU and the Happiest of a New Years to you and your loved ones. Cheers to 2018!

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