It has been a little bit since I’ve last written!  In the last two weeks I have had stitches flying off my needles then grounded to a halt when I contracted the flu.  Thankfully it was a mild case (get that flu shot then take care of yourself!) and once I was feeling up to it used my self imposed quarantine to do some serious knitting and guilty pleasure show binge watching.  Unfortunately I have gotten sucked into that inevitable knitters problem where you have cast on a new exciting project and everything else just gets thrown to the side… oops.  Most of my knitting time over the last two weeks was spent on my Penguono as it became really clear that it was a fast- and I mean FAST- knit.  The welts were complete over a weekend (and then some) while Sunday afternoon and evening were spent completing the left back panel & color scheming. The beginning of last week saw the completion of the right welts THEN a re-visit to the left back panel as I began to question the yarn choices…which lead to me redoing the left back!  Its a section that doesn’t take too long so not much time was lost.  My sick time allowed me to finish out the side panels along with the entire right side.

Unfortunately, I suffered from an infection only a few days following my flu recovering and was knocked on my a** AGAIN for a whirlwind of a miserable day.  I got absolutely no knitting done but once I was placed on the necessary meds to recover I used the weekend after to relax and do a little knitting with baby girl.  This time allowed me to finish up the front panels and now I am down to one sleeve, underarms, collar and bottom band!

Project/ Designer:Penguono by Steven West

Yarn:  Purl Soho Flax Down in Kettle Black + The Fibre Co Cumbria Fingering in Scafell Pike & Dodd Wood + Lake yarns Alturas in Shell Seeker + OWool Local in Gray Birch + Skeinny Dipping Fingering and Skeinny Dipping DK in Cease and Desist + Baa Ram Ewe Titus in Coal + various remnants (details to be added later as I get to them…)

My test knit is still on hold (sorry baby sweater) as I still need to buy another set of needles….

The Masala shawl got all of 1-2 rows done… only 17 rounds left to go!

I have a feeling it wont take me too long before this sweater is actually finished!

Until next week…




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