A Birthday Wish

To My Sweet Baby Girl on her first Birthday….

It is so so cliche for me to say this but you have forever changed our lives the moment you arrived.  Turned life as we know it on its head and I can’t fully remember what it was like before YOU.

Since then you have amazed us.  Pushed the limits of what I thought it was possible as each month went by.  Sitting up, crawling, those first steps… I cant even begin to imagine what you will impress us with next.

Since then you have shown your personality.  Feisty, free spirited, STRONG.  You are everything a little girl should be and MORE.  You command attention, you are funny and witty.  You are fearless.  You are independent.  I wish you to be all these things always.

I hope in this new year, and every year after, you are still all these things and can always remain true to who you are and who you want to be.

Thank you for making me stronger, vulnerable, and a fiercely protective and more confident woman and mommy. As you get older I hope I can teach you how to be the same as it is SO important.

As it has been from day one, I will always hold you.. hug you, kiss you, snuggle with you for as long as you want whenever you want.  I will listen, I will cry with you, I will laugh with you and I will ALWAYS be there for you.  And if there comes a day you don’t want the hug, the kiss, the snuggles, I will STILL be there for all those when you realize that at some point you will still need your mommy for all these things.

So Happy 1st Birthday my dear sweet Emmy.  Mommy loves you from the bottom of her heart for now and always.



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