TBA TITLE…month 2

so here we are a month later and i still don’t have a good name for these monthly posts.  I guess ill get there one day though right?  May has been a little more eventful than the previous month as I have had the opportunity to have several FO!  Check out my separate posts on my Ural Shawl and Itty Bitty Baby Sweater for all the details. Beyond that I also squeezed in time for two little baby hats which took me all of 3 days and maybe 6-10 hours total to finish. I’m gifting them to a mom-to-be later this week and am so hoping she will like (EDIT: and she did!)

In WIP news the Masala shawl is still several rows away from starting the border section (as usual) and at this rate it’ll be ready to wear by the fall time. Much longer than I anticipated but this past year has been all about learning. I also dove right in and began my Tecumsah about two weeks ago and it is such an easy pattern to follow! The way that the colorwork and the increases are staged keep things interesting. There’s been only one- two hiccups so far where I had to rip back but it’s been worth it to have it done right!

Next up I have another few baby related gifts to complete for new babes and first birthdays. Yarn needs to be purchased for one but I have everything I need for the other. Both need to be completed before the end of June so time wise it’s going to be tight! After those commitments I have a variety of little things I hope to work on:

  • Rewriting a pattern for a friend who wants simplified instructions
  • Starting some basic socks using stash yarn
  • working on another Penguono (because why not!!)
  • Business related things: pattern writing, posting etc
  • AND when I need a change of pace making some hats for another friend for care packages

It looks like it’s going to be a busy summer friends…

A little light on pictures this month but make sure to find me on Instagram at @rubyandanainstitches for any instant knitting updates!



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