TITLE TBA…double scoop; episode 3&4

I think at some point every year we run into a pocket of time that no matter how organized we are we get so busy certain tasks get thrown to the side. I’m talking to you JUNE!! I am still ridiculously busy but thankfully I’m finally starting to slow down. June alone contained helping with 2 work baby showers (1 at the beginning and one at the end) and in between I ran a women’s only 10k, purchased then started and finished a little baby sweater (see shower above…), had a wedding out-of-town to attend during which baby girl began a sleep separation anxiety period (its morphed into something completely different in July; send all the coffee!!) and helping hubby prep for a physical fitness test and daddy daughter weekend… oh AND a full day job work load… and would you believe I still had a little bit of me time? (and holy run on sentence!)  In all its craziness I made it through in one piece.. Moving into July….

The first half of July has brought me 2 FO; and some serious progress on my Masala Shawl. The first of my FO’s are two little baby hats for a friends daughters first birthday both of which I plan to release the written patterns. I’m currently working on the grading for newborn to adult on one of them.  The other has a few bugs to work out but a loose deadline I’m giving myself is to release the pattern by Thanksgiving.  My second FO was my Tecumseh sweater! And it turned out stunning!! I’ll save the deets for a FO post but I’m so excited to begin another sweater; I’ve definitely caught the sweater bug!

Finally I’m so excited to say that I made progress on my Masala Shawl! I had felt so stalled for so long and it feels good to finally see the progress. While it will still take me awhile to finish the last border section it will certainly knit up fast that the large twisted rib section…

While the start of the month brought many FO; the end of July has brought me to some new cast on’s… I have started a second Penguono, this time in a chunkier gauge and in a very different color palette.  I’ve already gotten thru the first set of welts and I’m looking forward to this lighter (in color) and much more oversized version.  Hoping to have some photos up soon.

I also have plans to cast on a Tegna soon because, sweater bug!  but also because I could use a nice light wt sweater in my wardrobe.  All the sweaters I have finished so far really cannot be worn in the summer months and while the yarn I have in mind is not really a “summer yarn” its a perfect match and will be a fun project to balance out my other WIPS.

As always so much knitting, but so little time!

Until next month….



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