TITLE TBA—-> episode 5!

Hi Again! So as I have completely seemed to skip over August that is just what we are going to do… It was a month that was certainly filled with knitting, a long birthday weekend turned into time spent totally under the weather, and lots of work.

September has been just as full but definitely a different speed.  My husband and I got the opportunity to have a date DAY (I know, a whole day!) to celebrate our anniversary (big thanks to my MIL) toddler free which was the perfect way to start off the month.  Now while my day job has still be stressful, I have been able to make progress on a few of my ongoing knit projects.  My second Penguono has half of a front body, and August saw the start of my Tegna sweater which is more than halfway done.  For a very small gauge that also has lace work, this is actually a very quick knit!  I am almost done with the front body then all I have is sleeves and any finishing touches.  I hope to take the time to write-up a finished object post in the near future.

I slowed down my Tegna progress though as I realized that if I wanted my little one to have her own Rhinebeck sweater next month that I had to get started on one immediately.  And I have!  In fact I’m just over a week into this and I’m over half way done.  I finished up the body this past weekend and all i have to two little sleeves!  And in a US6 with its little body, the whole sweater knits up in no time.  This is one I definitely want to take some time of to write a FO post as I modified the adult pattern for a 2T.  It was such a fascinating process for me this time around and because of this I feel ready to continue taking on new concepts and knitting challenges.

As per usual my lovely Masala shawl is still hanging out, no farther along than I was back in July… My goal to have this finished within a year may not happen so at this point I’ll aim to have it completed before the new year.

And with the end of the year fast approaching I have of course started plotting a Christmas knit list; which truly is a wish list as with my hectic life I may not get to all that I would love to gift away…. BUT one can try.  So until next month…



TITLE TBA…double scoop; episode 3&4

I think at some point every year we run into a pocket of time that no matter how organized we are we get so busy certain tasks get thrown to the side. I’m talking to you JUNE!! I am still ridiculously busy but thankfully I’m finally starting to slow down. June alone contained helping with 2 work baby showers (1 at the beginning and one at the end) and in between I ran a women’s only 10k, purchased then started and finished a little baby sweater (see shower above…), had a wedding out-of-town to attend during which baby girl began a sleep separation anxiety period (its morphed into something completely different in July; send all the coffee!!) and helping hubby prep for a physical fitness test and daddy daughter weekend… oh AND a full day job work load… and would you believe I still had a little bit of me time? (and holy run on sentence!)  In all its craziness I made it through in one piece.. Moving into July….

The first half of July has brought me 2 FO; and some serious progress on my Masala Shawl. The first of my FO’s are two little baby hats for a friends daughters first birthday both of which I plan to release the written patterns. I’m currently working on the grading for newborn to adult on one of them.  The other has a few bugs to work out but a loose deadline I’m giving myself is to release the pattern by Thanksgiving.  My second FO was my Tecumseh sweater! And it turned out stunning!! I’ll save the deets for a FO post but I’m so excited to begin another sweater; I’ve definitely caught the sweater bug!

Finally I’m so excited to say that I made progress on my Masala Shawl! I had felt so stalled for so long and it feels good to finally see the progress. While it will still take me awhile to finish the last border section it will certainly knit up fast that the large twisted rib section…

While the start of the month brought many FO; the end of July has brought me to some new cast on’s… I have started a second Penguono, this time in a chunkier gauge and in a very different color palette.  I’ve already gotten thru the first set of welts and I’m looking forward to this lighter (in color) and much more oversized version.  Hoping to have some photos up soon.

I also have plans to cast on a Tegna soon because, sweater bug!  but also because I could use a nice light wt sweater in my wardrobe.  All the sweaters I have finished so far really cannot be worn in the summer months and while the yarn I have in mind is not really a “summer yarn” its a perfect match and will be a fun project to balance out my other WIPS.

As always so much knitting, but so little time!

Until next month….



TBA TITLE…month 2

so here we are a month later and i still don’t have a good name for these monthly posts.  I guess ill get there one day though right?  May has been a little more eventful than the previous month as I have had the opportunity to have several FO!  Check out my separate posts on my Ural Shawl and Itty Bitty Baby Sweater for all the details. Beyond that I also squeezed in time for two little baby hats which took me all of 3 days and maybe 6-10 hours total to finish. I’m gifting them to a mom-to-be later this week and am so hoping she will like (EDIT: and she did!)

In WIP news the Masala shawl is still several rows away from starting the border section (as usual) and at this rate it’ll be ready to wear by the fall time. Much longer than I anticipated but this past year has been all about learning. I also dove right in and began my Tecumsah about two weeks ago and it is such an easy pattern to follow! The way that the colorwork and the increases are staged keep things interesting. There’s been only one- two hiccups so far where I had to rip back but it’s been worth it to have it done right!

Next up I have another few baby related gifts to complete for new babes and first birthdays. Yarn needs to be purchased for one but I have everything I need for the other. Both need to be completed before the end of June so time wise it’s going to be tight! After those commitments I have a variety of little things I hope to work on:

  • Rewriting a pattern for a friend who wants simplified instructions
  • Starting some basic socks using stash yarn
  • working on another Penguono (because why not!!)
  • Business related things: pattern writing, posting etc
  • AND when I need a change of pace making some hats for another friend for care packages

It looks like it’s going to be a busy summer friends…

A little light on pictures this month but make sure to find me on Instagram at @rubyandanainstitches for any instant knitting updates!



TITLE TBA…. episode 1

I spent a good 10 minutes with my hands on the keys trying to decide what these monthly write ups should be called. “Weekly Roundups” has a nice ring to them but now with doing these monthly I can’t seem to come up with something fun and catching….so for now they’re “TITLE TBA”. I know so original….

April brought a mix of old and new…. Projects finished, projects revisited and new ones cast on.  If you did not have to opportunity to catch up on my other posts (or insta!) the big finish this month was my Penguono!!  I wear it AT LEAST 2 x’s every week to work…its all sorts of warm and cozy and I am so SO proud of how it turned out.  To date its one of the most pristine, high quality item i have ever knit.  I also ENJOYED knitting this so i am already looking through my stash to see if i have enough of whites and creams to make another version.  I saw Knit Collage’s take on this recently and LOOOOVE her interpretation!  Creams and tans with subtle pinks throughout and the TEXTURE- ugh, sorry, just dying over here.  As much as i tried to let go while making mine- Knit Collage is making me want to throw even more caution to the wind and make another!

April also allowed for me to finally (but really, FINALLY) get the needles I needed to continue on my way in the pattern I am helping to test knit.  While the designer has been kind enough to not have any completion dates, i am anxious to finish it up to give any pattern notes/ suggestions back to the designer AND allow my baby girl to wear it before she outgrows it!  As much as I thought doing two at a time sleeves would be a great idea I am ironically struggling a bit and haven’t gotten as far as i would like.  I carry around this piece daily and yet can’t seem to sneak in a few little rounds.  I believe i have about 5” left to go before i can join the body and sleeves.

I also spent a little time this month working on my Masala Shawl.  This one has had the slowest growth at all in recent months due to the sheer size.  One round of twist rib can take almost 10 minutes to finish!  I have (still) about 10 rows lift before I can begin the next section.  Would love to finish this up too as it would be great for summer nights out.

And finally, I allowed myself to cast on one new project which is nearing completion!  The Ural Shawl was my DK wt project that I wanted to have in case my finer gauge ones were ones I did not wish to work on.  Sometimes small needles/ stitches just wont satisfy!  This piece gave me the ability to feel as if I was actually completing work instead of feeling like i was going nowhere.   Since my last write-up on it I am headed into the last two little sections and should be finished with it in the next two weeks.  I will certainly get a FO post up as soon as I can with photos of the finished product.

So there we have it!  The first monthly write-up.  Below Ill leave you with the project and yarn detains for those of you interested….

Pattern: Penguono by Steven West

Yarn:  Yarn:  Purl Soho Flax Down in Kettle Black + The Fibre Co Cumbria Fingering in Scafell Pike & Dodd Wood + Lake yarns Alturas in Shell Seeker + OWool Local in Gray Birch + Skeinny Dipping Fingering and Skeinny Dipping DK in Cease and Desist + Baa Ram Ewe Titus in Coal

Pattern:Masala Shawl/ Michele Wang for Quince & CO

Yarn: Owool O-Wash Fingering in color Pearly Mussel

Pattern/ Designer: UNDER WRAPS

Yarn:Madelinetosh TOSH SOCK in color Astrid Grey (link to main website, will have to check stockists for where to buy)

Pattern: Ural Shawl by Whitney Hayward

Yarn:Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool from 2016; “Odd Offs” from Purl Soho (they were skeins/ colors that I believe didn’t go into final production…I think its the Worsted Twist but not 100% sure and the label is not clear…); and OWool Local in color Cochineal

As always…