FO: Mini Modified Tecumsah

GUYS…. OMG its finished!!! I am so so happy with how this little number turned out!  I have been so smitten with my own Tecumsah– which I plan on wearing to Rhinebeck this year- that I decided my little one needed her own.  I am by no means that mom who loves to go all matchy matchy with her daughter (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just not for me!) BUT I cannot deny that I love the Tecumsah pattern so much that I absolutely needed another reason to knit it again.

Most of what I have chosen to knit lately has been out of my stash- so knowing I had just enough left over yarn from my sweater to make one for baby girl was one of the driving factors in proceeding with this sweater.  If i had to make changes to accommodate the yardage I had left I was willing to do so.  Ultimately, I had to do this.  The mustard color yarn I used for the “+” portion I knew I would certainly only have enough for 1 full section.  So, i decided to ONLY do 1 full repeat of colorwork at the yoke.  This also meant that the most difficult (and critical!) part of grading down the pattern could be done at the neckline and after that i could worry less about the numbers lining up for additional colorwork rows.  This also checked off the box of having a matching look for my daughter and I without being identical.  The other variation that I did I shortened the sleeves a bit and gave the body a little more swing.  The body was a bit of a mistake as I actually had not intended to increase as much as I did but it turned out to be a happy mistake as it gives this a little more character!

Overall, if you cannot already tell I am extremely happy with the way this sweater turned out.  It was a wonderful teaching lesson in working out the math needed to complete a top down sweater and I look forward to taking what I have learned from “writing” my own pattern and applying it to some of my own silhouettes and work.  One of the best ways to figure out the process is to work backwards from an existing one; it helps let you see what needs to be done from the start to reach that finished object.

Project Details:

Pattern: Tecumsah by Caitlin Hunter; Boylandknitworks

Yarn: Sawkill Farms worsted; Brooklyn Tweed Shelter; Pur Soho Flax Down

All the best



TITLE TBA—-> episode 5!

Hi Again! So as I have completely seemed to skip over August that is just what we are going to do… It was a month that was certainly filled with knitting, a long birthday weekend turned into time spent totally under the weather, and lots of work.

September has been just as full but definitely a different speed.  My husband and I got the opportunity to have a date DAY (I know, a whole day!) to celebrate our anniversary (big thanks to my MIL) toddler free which was the perfect way to start off the month.  Now while my day job has still be stressful, I have been able to make progress on a few of my ongoing knit projects.  My second Penguono has half of a front body, and August saw the start of my Tegna sweater which is more than halfway done.  For a very small gauge that also has lace work, this is actually a very quick knit!  I am almost done with the front body then all I have is sleeves and any finishing touches.  I hope to take the time to write-up a finished object post in the near future.

I slowed down my Tegna progress though as I realized that if I wanted my little one to have her own Rhinebeck sweater next month that I had to get started on one immediately.  And I have!  In fact I’m just over a week into this and I’m over half way done.  I finished up the body this past weekend and all i have to two little sleeves!  And in a US6 with its little body, the whole sweater knits up in no time.  This is one I definitely want to take some time of to write a FO post as I modified the adult pattern for a 2T.  It was such a fascinating process for me this time around and because of this I feel ready to continue taking on new concepts and knitting challenges.

As per usual my lovely Masala shawl is still hanging out, no farther along than I was back in July… My goal to have this finished within a year may not happen so at this point I’ll aim to have it completed before the new year.

And with the end of the year fast approaching I have of course started plotting a Christmas knit list; which truly is a wish list as with my hectic life I may not get to all that I would love to gift away…. BUT one can try.  So until next month…