A little detour.

Once again I’ve put some of my current WIPS aside so I can quickly make up a last-minute birthday gift for my little one. I’ve decided to knit her up another Studio Misha & Puff Popcorn Vest and Bonnet.  If you have never heard of either of these patterns, LOOK THEM UP.  seriously.  They are so much fun for a babe!  In fact this is not the first time I have made these patterns but the 4th!

The first set I made was for baby girl before she was born, the next as a thank you gift to a lovely woman for her daughter who offered up her own creative services; and the third was fulfilling a special request of a coworker (who was a little envious of her sister; see thank you gift above!) and wanted her own set for her little girl….

So far I’m loving the combo I’ve WIP’d (see what I did there…) up and cannot wait to finish!  Only 15 days left!  Eek!

Pattern: Popcorn Vest & Bonnet by Studio Misha & Puff

Yarn: Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool (Romney, Icelandic, Finn, Texel mix) from 2015 knit with Alchemy Yarns of Transformation Haiku in Fieldstone + rib trim in Sawkill Farms Worsted; Undyed Wool from 2016 ***



***I discovered these yarns at Rhinebeck a few years ago and am in LOVE with their yarns.  My haul from this past year (2017) is destined for a shawl that i still need to buy the pattern for…they also have amazing soaps, check them out, seriously; they’re pretty awesome.

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